Big Agency Expertise + Boutique Agency Care

Astronaut is more than the average agency.

About Astronaut

Astronaut is living proof that an ‘agency’ can be different, look different, and most importantly work differently from the status quo.

As a team driven by results, we’re able to combine the business of commerce with creativity, intelligence with what’s relevant, and big-picture thinking with detailed execution.

Our crew is big on building brands, creating campaigns, developing digital, and doing whatever else is necessary to position our partners where they need to be in order to take them where they want to go.

About You

When you work with us, you get the personalized care and attention of a boutique agency paired with the powerful experience and expertise of a large firm. No two businesses are alike. That’s why our proprietary process is built to help your business and marketing department meet its specific goals.

7 Ways We Go Beyond the Ordinary

1. We offer large agency experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost.
We know first-hand the way big agencies work with clients and can over-charge and waste your time and money. We dramatically improved and streamlined that process to place emphasis on creating outstanding and more results-oriented client partnership that produces thrilling results.

2. We provide personalized attention and care.
Our crew truly cares about each other and every client, regardless of size. Our processes have been developed for efficiency and effectiveness. We won’t waste your valuable time.

3. Unlike most marketing agencies, we truly understand business.
In fact, our Founder is an investor in other businesses, and serves on numerous business advisory boards. We’re highly knowledgeable about all elements of what makes a business successful. We want to understand your business goals upfront. That way we can create a strategic plan focused on helping you achieve specific goals.

4. A senior practitioner will be leading your projects.
You’ll always have a senior-level crew member working directly with you. This member is not just an order taker or middle-man to the rest of our team.

5. We love being on the cutting edge, and we have deep experience and expertise in the digital realm.
We are one of the only agencies in our region to be able to develop a digital strategy, create all the components, develop the backend, and deploy it to the marketplace.

6. We think like you.
Our solutions are designed around your unique business objectives, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

7. We’re here when you need us.
We view our Client relationships as Partnerships. Our team is always on-call, even months after we finish the initial engagement.

We’re proud to call Winston-Salem our home.

Our City

It’s a place steeped in hard work, creativity, humility and family, in the midst of an entrepreneurial renaissance, and we’re humbled to be a part of it.

Our Service

We volunteer, serve and give to organizations and people in our city on a weekly basis because it’s our desire to see our community positively grow and reach its true potential.

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