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A free brand consultant session in which Stephen gives you a brand strategy to launch your business to new heights.

Here’s How it Works


1.  Sign up to schedule a meeting.


2.  One-hour Brand Blastoff session with Stephen to discover your brand.


3.  Feedback, advice and strategies delivered to you within two weeks of meeting.

I want business owners and brand marketing directors to know that this isn’t just a meeting with stupid questions and useless advice in hopes that I’ll retain their business. I don’t go in there and tell them how smart I am or impress them by telling them what my credentials are in order to make a sale. I go in there, stand side by side with them, and give them my very best effort to point them in a direction that will be best for them. There are no strings attached. My goal is to make new friends and invest my time and effort into their business. In return, they’ll receive my ideas of how to create brand experiences that launch their business and transform people’s lives.

Stephen Lockwood

Astronaut, Chief Flight Director

Let’s help your brand make its mark, launch purpose-driven initiatives, refine your products, delight your customers, give life to your brand–and ultimately–make something that matters.

Whether you’re about to launch a new product, service or marketing initiative, we’d like to offer fresh thinking, practical advice, and the fortitude to get out there and make a dent in the universe.

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