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Winning with email marketing is easier than you think.

We’re working on an email marketing project for a client today. Email marketing, when done right, is still as effective as ever. For the most part, there are two big steps you’re trying to get people to take:

1. Get them to open the email.

It’s like a riddle of “Knock-knock…who’s there?” Why in the world should they open the door for you? Your subject line is the key to the door. Don’t try to trick them. Don’t exaggerate. We all hate those email subject lines. Instead, use authentic and transparent subject lines. Be useful. Be urgent. Be unique. Be super-specific. Get them to crack the door open and see what’s inside.

2. Get them to click-through to what’s next.

Now that they’ve opened the door (email), it’s your opportunity to make it worth their while. It’s not time to brag about your business; it’s time to provide useful, compelling content and offers based on their interests. You better pay up with the value you offer in exchange for their time. Give them important and interesting tips, stories and special offers in exchange for their time.

Remember: Email is a two-way conversation.

We approach email marketing as a two-way conversation. Show your personality, and tap into theirs. Be really honest, and use a friendly tone while maintaining professionalism and the appropriate brand voice. Be sure to make it super clear as to why you’re emailing them (which better be worth it).

The cool thing is, when you engage your audience well one time, they will be more likely to engage again and again.