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The first question in creating a successful business strategy is simple, yet complicated.

What do you want?

Should be a simple question, right?

But as soon as you try to answer it, it gets complicated.

It’s so easy to begin questioning or doubting if what you want is REALLY what you want.

Been there? Me, too.

The danger in not knowing what you want is that you are completely unclear on what you’re working towards. You either go backwards, stand still, walk aimlessly, or achieve something that you don’t even want.

So, ask yourself (or your team):

1. What’s the MAIN THING you want?

2. Why do you want it?

Then create a plan to follow that will get you there. You’ll know what you’re working towards, and exactly how to achieve it.

Clarity is a beautiful thing. It’s the only way to achieve tangible results.