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In whatever business you conduct, practice predictability. It greatly enhances your value to others.

People prefer familiarity over uncertainty. One reason for the success of the franchise concept during the second half of the twentieth century was that it offered the familiar and the predictable. Before franchises, you could stop at any hotel, and not predict the reception, service, quality, or amenities you would get. Your experience was a gamble.

Then the Holiday Inn began to make its appearance in every town. Travelers began to prefer the Holiday Inn, and would keep driving until they arrived in a town with a Holiday Inn. Why? Because it was standardized. People knew in advance how everything would be precisely the same as the Holiday Inn they previously visited.

Predictability and familiarity causes comfort. The unexpected and strange cause anxiety.

You should determine to make everyone’s interactions with you predictable and familiar. Why? Because everyone has had the experience of trying to work with an unpredictable and very temperamental business, leader, associate, friend, etc. Never knowing just what reaction you will get to a request or a suggestion can be very frustrating.

All kinds of interaction between people depend on predictability.

For instance, any business that customers visit would experience real benefit from keeping the same great employees for as long as possible. Customers find the decision easier when surrounded by familiar and trusted faces.

For you, personally, never impose your mood swings on others. Are you unpredictable to your team, customers, or target audience? They should never see you driven by your temporal emotions. This is called being professional. Given two alternatives, most customers and clients would prefer working with someone who does not display an entirely new personality on each occasion.

Predictability is one of your competitive advantages.

Predictability will draw others to you, but you must remain flexible with others. One character quality in a great person is demanding far more of yourself than you do of others. Let them be unpredictable. Roll with it, absorb it, and focus on developing your own predictability.