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Dewey’s Bakery, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is known for crave-worthy treats that tap into the heart of southern hospitality and bring the past and present together.

Dewey's Bakery

A Fresh Start

Dewey’s was looking for a site redesign that would “invite users to explore areas of interest in a high visual approach.” One of the goals of the new design was to convey the warmth and happiness for which Dewey’s is known, and to punctuate Dewey’s brand purpose of “Celebrate. Every day.”

Looks so good, you’ll lick your screen

We built a warm and happy site that invites users to explore areas of interest in a high visual and “stimulate-the-senses” approach.

Dewey's Website
Dewey's Website

What we’ve baked up…

  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Greater customization and easier updating
  • Responsive design
  • Integration of blog (which was previously separate) and social media to the site
  • Easier navigation for customers
  • Store locations are quickly and easily located
  • Filtering option for online shopping helps customers find what they are looking for
Dewey's Ice Cream
Dewey's Hot Cross Buns
Dewey's Dessert Bars

See the website for yourself. While you’re there, order some Delightfully Thin and Crispy Cookies. You’ll thank us later.