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You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die. – Jack Ma

If you’re trying to go where every other brand has already gone, good luck.

What does it say about your own brand if you’re copying the strategies and results of other brands?

What’s motivating you? The success of other companies, or your own vision?

Just trying to find what’s working for others is the most unstable strategy you can employ. You’ll be changing your mind every week. You’ll be starting over again and again.

You’ll never reach your own brand’s destination if you’re hiking down another’s path.

Even if you truly wish your brand could be like another’s, do you really think yours will be better? It’s their brand. They’re driven by their vision. You’ll never get ahead because you’re always several steps behind.

The secret path to your brand’s success is to…

Be known, used and valued for who you are.

It’s called “originality.” You should try it sometime.

Create rather than react. Identify your brand’s reason for being, and shout it from the mountain top. Race down that road. Go all in on that mission.

So many companies are trying to make money by selling something they don’t really believe in, and are trying to build a brand they don’t connect with. How do you think they’re doing?

To build a successful brand, you need to look internally and find the answers within. Build what you believe in.

From this point on, your brand strategy should align with your purpose, not anyone else’s. It’s the secret to success, and the only way you’ll love the success you have.