Our services provide brands the proper structure required to turn passion into profit.

What We Do

We use strategic insights, impactful creative and digital experiences to attract more people to buy your products or services.

We’re business people just like you, so we start every engagement by working with your leadership team to deeply understand your business. It all starts with the shifts your business is trying to make, your growth strategy, and the aspirations for your brand. We can address these through the following ways:



We look at your brand with an incisive eye, determine your target, then do the legwork required to fully understand your market.



We map your current market position, determine the proper course based on your goals, and get your brand moving in the right direction.

Visual Identity

We design logos and visuals that become the iconic expression of your brand.

Web & Digital

We design and build captivating sites and digital products geared toward your audience.


Voice & Messaging

We help you communicate who you are and what you offer in clear, consistent and compelling ways.


We design Instagram-worthy packaging and POS that get people talking—and buying.



We conceive, storyboard, write, direct and produce engaging video stories that capture the essence of your brand.


Our crew helps you own a distinct, engaging look and feel through custom photography.


Creative Consulting

As expert collaborators, our team can work with your team to achieve your goals.

Need help with any of these?

one-day consulting session

In addition to the menu of services above, Astronaut offers a signature consulting process called Liftoff™.

Do you struggle to articulate what your company stands for? Do you lack compelling language that communicates your story and points of difference? Did your last marketing effort flop? Is it time to revamp your website? If you want to stand out, attract customers and grow your brand, you need Liftoff™.

Astronaut: a firm of Super Collaborators and Relationship Builders

As our clients have attested, we work as partners, not hired guns. Collaboration keeps us moving forward toward ever-better solutions. We build relationships rooted in trust and made to last—flexing as your business grows and needs change.

Our Approach

We’re not decorators who change the color. We’re brand builders who make you matter.

No matter what the project, our foundational step is ensuring the brands we work with have substance, relevancy and sustainability. Our unique process is nuanced and tailored to each client, but we like to anchor each brand around 6 key areas:

Brand Purpose

If we can answer the questions who, what, why, and how, we’ve found your company’s compass.

Core Story

Knowing your story leads to consistent, on-brand content. Getting there can be tricky, but the result will be crystal clear.


We make sure your brand feels human, portraying a consistent set of traits that a specific consumer segment enjoys.


Growth often requires a convention-breaking posture that differentiates your brand from other companies in the marketplace.

Audience Truth

Insight into your specific customer is a monumentally important task upon which the entire brand strategy is built.


Success depends on a holistic, strategic approach. We uncover and perfect every possible touchpoint a brand can use to reach and delight its audience.

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