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People scroll right past your brand’s social media posts every day.

You want to increase market share? You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors? You want to launch the next big thing? You want to engage a younger audience to ensure that your brand grows? You need to get your target’s attention!

Attention is the new currency.

Getting someone’s attention is easier said than done though. Attention must be earned. Attention is greater than an impression. (Impressions mean someone saw, attention means someone stayed and engaged.)

To capturing someone’s attention on social media, you must grasp the most essential behavior of all: scrolling.

The way you get someone’s attention on social media is to make them stop scrolling.

Here are three ways you can stop the scroll.


1. Show faces.

Eye contact cuts through the noise and relays trust, friendliness and a sense of humanness. ( <– First time I’ve ever used that word.)

There is nothing more powerful at stopping the scroll than someone seeing a smiling, grimacing, or funny-looking face of another person. These types of faces invite people to stop and engage.


2. Post a variety of content.

Routine is the enemy of stopping the scroll. Look at your news feed and you’ll the same boring/predictable stuff over and over again. If you fit right in line, your brand will get lost in the mix.


3. Use contrasting images.

A good use of contrast adds visual interest. A layout where everything is the same size, shape, or color is going to look pretty boring—but contrast spices things up. To create contrast, pair bright with dark, bold with light, and big with small. These differences in the visuals you share will go a long way in capturing someone’s attention.


So how can your brand cut through on social media when people are scrolling an average 9 feet per day? Simple. You need to master the attention economy by creating content that stops the scroll.